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HND Website Design Assignment Q&A

Task: Evaluate several existing musical e-business website's selling digital sheet music or digital books. Note this is an evaluation of the whole website. Using suitable software analyse these websites and write short (up to 1000 words) report on what you think distinguishes good of not so good sites.
As it is outlined on the “Task” part of the assignment we are evaluating 3 existing musical e-business websites which sell digital sheet music or digital books. I chose 3 websites for this purpose. I will evaluate them in terms their features, usability, functionalities and etc.
Good Design and Usability are the most important part of any website. Potential customers would spend more time and money on easy to use and nice looking websites. But they are not enough themselves to make a successful musical e-business website. Some useful features of the musical e-business website below:
Good Design
Good design, neat and modern web colours are crucially important to attract potential customers to the website. Customers should easily be able to find what they are looking for.
When potential customers come to your musical e-business website, the whole website should be loaded quickly. Search results should be displayed quickly.
Categorised Links
Categorised Links make it easy to find what you are looking for. The links could be categorised according to the music instruments that were used to make that specific music.
Personal Sign In on top of the website
This is one of the useful features of the e-business. As an e-business owner, you can gather information about your customers and what they buy and search. And display those products they might buy. Discounts and promotions could be offered to the registered users.
Download Sheet Music
Nowadays, you can buy and download the music you like. You do not have to buy the whole CD. You choose the music you like and pay and download it. No packing and shipping involved. Your favourite music is on your personal computer or device in a few seconds after the purchase.
Search for Sheet Music
Gives you the opportunity to find the music you are looking for quickly.
List of Top Downloads
It makes it easy for customers to find the most favourite music on the main page.
Recently Added Sheet Music
Good advertising and selling technique.
Sales or Discount Banners on the main page
Offering the discounted price you can sell off the product you do not sell well or sell more music making your product more affordable.
Recent Blog posts and Feedbacks about some Sheet Music
Good way of interacting with your existing customers and attracting new customers. You can improve the quality of the service getting customer feedbacks.
Security Signature Certificate Logos or Signs
It has been probably the top issue in e-business. Customers want to make secure payments. Displaying the Secure Certificate Signs on your website, you can attract more customers.
Music samples to listen before the purchase
Most music selling websites have this facility, nowadays. That way, customers can listen to the music before they decide what to buy. This is a very useful tool to increase the sales.

Case studies for 3 highly visited online sheet music selling websites.
Case Study 1
One of the mostly visited websites about selling digital music sheets. When you type the domain name of the website, the first thing it asks you is your location. Instead of asking your location, it could get the location from the IP address and display the relevant results in UK.

• It displays the accepted payment methods.
• More than one currency can be used to pay.
• You can register to the website and create your personal account with them.
• Free Downloads
• Simple search and Advanced search capabilities.
• Get a free sheet music viewer.
• Bestsellers list
• Affiliate Programme (sign up and start selling digital sheet music on your website)
• Not a good categorised links.
• Simple Design.
Case Study 2
This website appears on top of the list on Google search results.
• Register and have your personal account.
• Good Design
• Well categorised links
• Search facility
• Top Downloads and Recent Entries Lists
• Free Downloads
• Sales and Discount Banners
• Secure Payment Certificate Logos and Signs
• Accepted Payment methods
• It automatically guesses your location, but can be changed manually.
Case Study 3
The website says that it is the world’s largest digital music library.
• Search facilities
• Probably the biggest digital music library
• Create your personal account
• Categorised Links
• Amateur Design
• No secure payment certificate signs or logos
• No accepted payment methods
I evaluated positive and negative sides of 3 digital music sheet selling websites’ using an approach of the most common ways of building an online business.

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