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HND Networking Concepts Assignment Q&A


  1. Design
  2. Set up
  3. Configure

A network including the rights and responsibilities of the network manager and network user.

  1. Design a network

We designed above network for this task. This is an imaginary company with 2 Departments (Department A and Department B). Whole network consists of 8 computers (4 computers in Department A and 4 computers in Department B).  The network is designed as 2 separate subnets of Company Ethernet are connected to the Internet through 2 separate Routers and through the Firewall as it is shown in picture above.
The above network is designed in a way that even if one of the Routers fails, all the 8 computers will still be able to connect to the Internet through the other Router. We connected 2 HUBS for this reason.

2. Setup the Network

We designed a Network in task 1 and now we need to setup that network. Before we setup the network, we assume that all 8 computers of the Imaginary Company has Windows XP been installed.

Everything we need to setup a Network:

  • CAT5/CAT5e Network Cables
  • 2 Routers with Firewall features
  • 2 Hubs

Steps we need to follow to setup a Network:

  • First, we need to connect all 4 computer of Department A to the HUB in the same department, and then all 4 computers of Department B have to be connected to the HUB in the same department using CAT5/CAT5e network cables. We use RJ45 connectors with CAT5/CAT5e cables to connect our computers to HUBS.
  • Then we connect 2 HUBS with each other using the same type of cable and connectors (CAT5/CAT5e cable and RJ45 connectors).
  • Then we connect each HUB to a Router in each Department.
  • Routers are connected to the DSL or Cable Modem.
  • Through a DSL or Cable modem we connect to the Internet.

3. Configure the Network

There are more than one way of configuring a Network. For this task we will choose the simplest way.

Steps we need to follow to configure a Network:

  • We need to create a Workgroup and give it a specific Name.
  • We need to add all 8 computers with specific names to the same Workgroup. That way they will be able to communicate with each other in the same Workgroup.
  • We need to activate the Routers and the Firewall capabilities.
  • File sharing on this Network should be activated on each computer.
  • We can assign a Network Manager as an Administrator and users with any specific names using a specific Network Software.

An Administrator manages the whole Network. An Administrator creates usernames and passwords for the user computers to Login. An Administrator gives right to each user to access to specific files. Users cannot see everything they want on the Network. They have restricted rights on the Network. They can only access to the files that were shared by everyone and the files that an Administrator gave him access.


The schema above shows the computer network of admin department of the college.
All users of the college will have their computers software will be installed and configured according to the schema above and their network will be setup.
Every department is in different Subnet. There are three different subnets and they all are connected to each other through the main switch. This way all the users of the college can access their information on the net regardless of their departments. Main switch is connected to the web server which is installed Windows XP OS. Web server is connected to the Internet through xDSL modem/Switch. Each Subnet computers are connected to each other through the Hub. There are two servers; one is a printer server and the other one is the web server. Printer server is installed with Linux OS and web server is installed with Windows XP OS. Marketing Department and College Management have an access to the Printer Server through their routers. Firewall is activated on Web server.
Web server is installed with a networking software and Administrator setup and user control and access features setup.

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