Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bakhar Nabieva (Бахар Набиева) Biography

Bakhar Nabieva (Бахар Набиева) Biography

Who is Bakhar Nabieva (Бахар Набиева)?

Azerbaijani - Ukrainian Fitness Model Bakhar Nabieva (Бахар Набиева) biography.
Bakhar Nabieva (Бахар Набиева) was born in Mangachevir, 4th largest city in Azerbaijan. When she was young her family moved to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She went to a high school there.
She used to play basketball at high school. She knew about a gym close to her school but she wasn't interested in the gym in the beginning. One day she finds out that one of her classmates goes to the gym. She invites Bakhar to the gym. That is how her fitness journey starts. She didn't know much about nutrition and training in the beginning. A trainer at the gym shows her how to use the equipment and tells her a little about nutrition. For long time she only trains her legs and glutes.

She was bullied at high school for being "too skinny". In 4 years she transforms herself into a sexy fitness model that nobody can ignore. According what she says no everybody likes how she looks now. People are more friendly in the streets than online.

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